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  • Protect and serve our communities
  • Build effective relationships
  • Enrich our citizens' lives


$50 million from the Arlington Tomorrow Fund Foundation (gas royalties) was invested into Texas Live (entertainment district development) along with a 30-year tax abatement (zero property taxes). This investment was suppose to result in lower property taxes. My total property taxes rose $1,300 within the last two years. My Arlington property taxes rose $140 last year. When was the last time you were offered a tax abatement? Imagine investing $50 million into our communities, infrastructure and transportation.


 About 700 officers staff our city. Neighborhood policing and service demands (911 calls) are the methods used to staff our communities. The average response time is 9 minutes. I believe we need to increase our staffing to reduce our average response time. Additional federal grants and budget priorities will cover the cost of these increases.


   Swearing-in Ceremony

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Arlington City Hall